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When April first started as a manager for her children in this industry, all she knew was that they needed training. She didn't know that knowing how to structure their acting packages was just as important as training. Training without strategic marketing, proper material formats, good headshots, and proper online profiles gets you only so far. Through lots of research, great coaches, and industry mentors, she was able to put together a plan that got her and her kids signed with good agents and a manager. She wants to make sure it doesn't take you as long as it took her to "figure it out." Her goal is to provide you with the info that took her years to accumulate. 




She specializes in acting consulting services designed to get you STARTED on your journey in the entertainment industry. She does not guarantee representation, but will work to get you in the best position to seek representation. All advice given is given with over a decade of professional experience. Failure to adhere to any of this advice may lead to difficulty obtaining representation from any agency.


April is a certified mental health coach specializing in brain science for actors, particularly concentrating on the needs of young performers. She holds the firm belief that fostering the well-being of emerging artists is paramount, achieved through implementing established health practices, delineating healthy boundaries, and equipping youth with the skills to advocate for their safety, both mentally and physically. Her dedication extends beyond merely assisting young actors in maintaining their well-being within the industry; she also strives to impart the essential knowledge of establishing and upholding healthy boundaries, enabling them to channel their energies into storytelling with grace and authenticity.

April is also a full-time actress and aspiring producer and a consultant, so appointments are subject to change. If this is the case, you will be notified as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hrs). If you need to reschedule appointments, please do so within 24hrs of the originally scheduled time. 

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