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April has a diverse entertainment industry background, from managing her children for over 15 years to acquiring agents, negotiating contracts, and solidifying jobs for them and others. April became inspired by her kid actors and pursued acting herself.

When April isn't teaching or training in the craft of acting, she is teaching Tae Kwon Do as a 2nd Dan Black Belt with the PKC Karate system in Austin, TX. She is Bill Wallace Superfoot certified. Yes, this mama can fight!


April's passion for the arts can also be reflected in her desire to cultivate the arts by serving as a board member of the Alchemy Theatre. This innovative theatre company believes in the transformative power of theatre. April is also a former board member of Inversion Ensemble, a collection of vocal ensembles dedicated to commissioning and performing works by living composers, and a founding board member for the Hutto YMCA. 


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April's dedication to the art of acting is truly remarkable. She possesses a captivating blend of wit and silliness reminiscent of Regina Hall, coupled with the undeniable grit and fierceness of Regina King. Whether she's honing her craft through training or imparting her knowledge as a teacher, April is constantly immersed in the world of acting.

April's talent has garnered attention in various network and streaming productions.

On stage, April's talents have shone through in performances, including roles in productions such as "Check Please" and multiple characters in the staged reading of "Domesticated." She has also showcased her versatility in the play "Doubt" with Austin City Theatre.

With a desire to merge and leverage her diverse passions, April aspires to contribute to the world of acting by telling and producing captivating, action-filled stories—all while radiating love and care for children. Her ultimate goal is to weave together her various passions into her acting career, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impact.




Alise Aaron Entertainment, founded in 2020 by April and her team, is a growing force in the entertainment industry. With a passion for creating meaningful opportunities and supporting artists, they strive to produce compelling non-fiction and fictional content that delves deep into the human condition and spirit. At the core of their mission lies a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and fostering connections within the filmmaking community.

As an industry connector and support system, Alise Aaron Entertainment collaborates with various companies to handle an array of essential tasks. From budgeting and crew hiring to casting and location scouting, they possess the expertise to manage every aspect of production. They are also experienced at creating pitch decks, and facilitating conversations for theatrical, social media, and television releases. Additionally, the company is dedicated to promoting the well-being of artists by providing access to mental health support services or connecting them with reliable resources.

Alise Aaron Entertainment has achieved notable success, with their films appearing on prominent streaming services such as Amazon. One standout accomplishment was April's debut feature, "It's A Wonderful Plight," which earned her the distinction of runner-up for BEST PRODUCER at the esteemed Oniros Film Festival. The film's powerful exploration of social justice issues garnered it the title of BEST SOCIAL JUSTICE FILM. Recognized by respected media outlets including the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, and WFAA News Channel, "It's A Wonderful Plight" also had the honor of being the inaugural film showcased at the re-opening of the Historic South Dallas Forest Theater Summer Drive-Thru. Alise Aaron Entertainment's portfolio extends further to include an award-winning short film titled "Molly" and "EJ's Kitchen," a captivating Modern Korean cuisine show featuring the renowned former chef of the esteemed restaurant, Korea House.

By combining their creative vision, unwavering support for talent, and a dedication to storytelling, Alise Aaron Entertainment continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry.




At April's Brain-Science Approach Coaching, our mission is to prioritize the healthy mental development and well-being of child actors and their parents in the entertainment industry. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by young performers, we are committed to applying neuroscience-based counseling techniques to guide our clients towards a sustainable and thriving acting journey. Through our certified expertise and personalized approach, we aim to empower children and their parents with the necessary tools and strategies for maintaining a strong mental foundation, enabling them to navigate the industry with confidence and resilience.



  • It's A Wonderful Plight the OFFICIAL SELECTION of San Fransisco Film Festival

  • It's A Wonderful Plight listed as BEST SOCIAL JUSTICE FILM in Oniros Film Festival

  • April listed as Runner up for BEST PRODUCER in Oniros Film Festival

  • It's A Wonderful Plight listed as the OFFICIAL SELECTION for Lone Star Film Festival

  • April to speaks on panel for Lone Star Film Festival

  • Molly wins BEST DRAMA SHORT in the Independent Short Festival. 

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"April is a joy to work with! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and was eager to assist our girls with a variety of things such as formatting their resumes, sharing her contacts for various needs, and giving tips to succeed and excel in the acting world. She is always available to answer questions and help in any way she can. She has a beautiful heart and genuinely wants others to succeed. We adore her and highly recommend her services. We’d be lost without her!"

- Judy Duble

"April is the person to go to for your acting/producing/directing, etc any kinds of needs.  She’s very professional and educated on many aspects of the industry. Not only does April’s creative vision help you achieve the success you want, her patience also helps you learn new skills to educate yourself as well. April will go above and beyond to make sure that her clients are taken care of! You will be in great hands with her."

- Janessa Carlin


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